Hammon Plating provides plating services for the application of materials such as nickel, gold, and more. We plate products that weigh up to 500 lbs. and have the diameters extending to 5 feet. We can plate several substrates such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, kovar and other metals. We specialize in developing customer’s products from engineering design concept to end-of-life.

Electroless Nickel

Our electroless nickel plating capability is particularly advantageous for components as it allows for uniform coverage across the entire part with no build up at the corners. We plate various components ranging from small microwave components to large chamber for semiconductor equipment with complex geometry.

Our customers products are used in industries like semi-conductor, laser, microwave, aerospace and medical equipments. We also provide engineering services for advance plating, special process technology, cleaning, refurbishing, clean room kitting and packaging.

Highly Reflective Gold

We provide highly reflective gold plating for these aluminum substrates used in epitaxial reactors.  As high-temperature exposure in these applications is common, gold plating to the substrate material is critical.  With golds unique range of characteristics we deliver plating processes tailored to a range of requirements.  Our highly reflective gold process results in reflectivity exceeding 99%, these components are typically utilized in semiconductor and laser assemblies.

The MIL-G-45204 compliant electrode-posited gold plating we achieve offers excellent protection under high temperature environments.